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SNoTender No.Tender Description Open DateIssuing Authority 
12039 EDC2A-127/2018-19
EDC2A-127/2018-19 25/3/2019 SE EDC-II ALIGARH
12038 EDC2A-126/2018-19
EDC2A-126/2018-19 25/3/2019 SE EDC-II ALIGARH
12037 EDC2A-125/2018-19
EDC2A-125/2018-19 25/3/2019 SE EDC-II ALIGARH
12036 EDC2A-121/2018-19
EDC2A-121/2018-19 29/3/2019 SE EDC-II ALIGARH
12035 EDC2A-121/2018-19
EDC2A-121/2018-19 29/3/2019 SE EDC-II ALIGARH
12034 EDC2A-120/2018-19
EDC2A-120/2018-19 29/3/2019 SE EDC-II ALIGARH
12033 EDC2A-119/2018-19
EDC2A-119/2018-19 29/3/2019 SE EDC-II ALIGARH
12030 03/SE/ESWC/BANDA/2018-19
132 dsoh midsUnz igjk ls 33@11 dsoh midsUnz igjk ¼egksck½ rd 33 dsoh fyad ykbu dk fuekZ.k dk;ZA 25/3/2019 Superintending Engineer, ESWC
12029 02/SE/ESWC/BANDA/2018-19
Erection 33 KV link line Pahra to Khanna (Mahoba) 25/3/2019 Superintending Engineer, ESWC
12028 04/SE/ESWC/BANDA/2018-19
suppy item for Ichauli (Maudaha-Hamirpur) 33/11 KV Sub-Station 25/3/2019 Superintending Engineer, ESWC
   Total Tenders :12006       Extended Tenders :2280                   Expired Tenders :11810       Cancel Tenders :218