Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd.

Urja Bhavan, NH - 2 (Agra - Delhi Bypass Road), Sikandra, Agra - 282 007

Customer Care : 1912

OR 1800-180-3023

विद्युत् सम्बन्धी किसी भी समस्या के लिए कृपया टोल फ्री नंबर 1800-180-3023 या 1912 पर कॉल करें                                       राष्ट्र हित में बिजली बचाये             टोल फ्री नंबर 1912            Amnesty Scheme (Same As OTS)

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Er. Sudhir Kumar Verma

Managing Director

Contact No. : 2605699/2601316
Fax No. : 2601827/2605465
Email Id : dvvnlmd@gmail.com


To save a life.
To report a crime in progress.
To report a fire.


List of Circular Category :

SNoOrder No.Order SectionSubject
1 4537_MD_DVVNL_A_19.05.2017 Transfer Sri Sneh Kumar Singh (86099), SE
2 4536_MD_DVVNL_A_19.05.2017 Transfer Sri Shivsankar Prasad (86154), SE
3 4535_MD_DVVNL_A_19.05.2017 Transfer Sri Kishan Singh (86146), SE
4 4534_MD_DVVNL_A_19.05.2017 Transfer Sri Vinod Kumar (88141), SE
5 4533_MD_DVVNL_A_19.05.2017 Transfer Sri Rakesh Verma (86124), SE
6 4532_MD_DVVNL_A_19.05.2017 Transfer Sri Kulbhoosan Gupta (88102), SE
7 4531_MD_DVVNL_A_19.05.2017 Transfer Sri Yatendrapal Singh (86053), SE
8 4530_MD_DVVNL_A_19.05.2017 Transfer Sri Pradeep Agarwal (88100), EE
9 4529_MD_DVVNL_A_19.05.2017 Transfer Sri Mahesh Chandra (92135), EE
10 2965_MD_DVVNL_A_12.04.2017 Allotment Allotment of JE (Trainee) To EWC Agra
11 2964_MD_DVVNL_A_12.04.2017 Allotment Allotment of JE (Trainee) To Kanpur Zone
12 2963_MD_DVVNL_A_12.04.2017 Allotment Allotment of JE (Trainee) To Banda Zone
13 2962_MD_DVVNL_A_12.04.2017 Allotment Allotment of JE (Trainee) To Jhansi Zone
14 2961_MD_DVVNL_A_12.04.2017 Allotment Allotment of JE (Trainee) To Aligarh Zone
15 2960_MD_DVVNL_A_12.04.2017 Allotment Allotment of JE (Trainee) To Agra Zone
16 2901_MD_DVVNL_A_10.04.2017 Transfer Sri Suny Kumar, O.A-III
17 2832_MD_DVVNL_A_06.04.2017 Transfer AE (Trainee)
18 2831_MD_DVVNL_A_06.04.2017 Transfer Sri Vinod Kumar Agarwal (86049) SE
19 2830_MD_DVVNL_A_06.04.2017 Transfer Sri Vinod Kumar (8860) SE
20 162_MD_DVVNL_A_10.01.2017 Transfer sri Suresh Chandra Behnival (97065) EE